Halt the Assault


Digital Media Design and Production course


Infographic design for Christie
digital wall


Graphic Designer


As an project for my Digital Media Design and Production course, I was tasked with designing an infographic that would fit on a vertically-oriented digital wall on campus. With this infographic, I wanted to raise awareness of a social issue, as well as tell a story.

Design Process

I decided to design an infographic about sexual assault, and use statistics to respond to phrases that are often heard regarding the topic. After researching and collecting data, I narrowed down the most important statistics and organized the information in a way that would tell a story. Next, I brainstormed ways that I could communicate them in a visually effective way by the use of icons and other graphics. Next, I decided on a colour palette consisting of greys with red and orange accents. The greyscale tone represents the emptiness that is felt within sexual assault victims, while the red and orange represent danger and caution. Finally, I worked on laying out all the information and graphics in a neat layout that would fit within the required dimensions.

Design Assets

Color tiles and Icons

Final Design

Halt the Assault - Infographic Design