National Business and Technology Conference


Brand development for a business and technology conference


VP of Design, Nspire


Nspire is Canada's largest student-run non-profit in the business and technology space. For the past 15 years, Nspire has organized the National Business and Technology Conference, which hosts hundreds of students and employers together from all across Canada to network and participate in case competitions. As the VP of Design for Nspire, I developed a logo for their 2015 conference, based on the theme of momentum.


Visual concept

At NBTC, we foster new and innovative ideas that could potentially impact the world. For the logo, I wanted to focus on representing global impact while incorporating the theme of momentum. Therefore, I based my concept on a globe with arrows to represent forward movement.

Logo sketches

Final design

Black logo Animated logo showing all four versions Logo on white background Logo on blue background Logo on photo background

Design Assessment

The final design is much more abstract and simplified, thus appearing very clean and professional. It allows for scaling at any size, which is important for a conference, since it would be used in many different applications, from large screen presentations to pens and business cards. The circular element communicates momentum, as a circle's outline keeps going around and does not stop. The arrows were simplified into a wave to represent the ups and downs that are encountered throughout the journey to success.

NBTC aims to connect students and employers that are interested in both business and technology. The logo is balanced, featuring two shapes that are a rotation of the other, representing the harmony between business and technology. It also incorporates the letter "N" in the negative space, associating it with NBTC merging the two industries.

Applications - Business cards
Business cards
Applications - Stationary
Applications - Watermark
Applications - Social media post
Social media post