Branding and website design for a sports tech company


Brand & UX/UI Designer


Nektek is a multi-sport safety collar that protects athletes against whiplash from sports-related collisions. Developed with their expansion technology, the collar can inflate up to 3 inches upon impact and deflate in seconds. After speaking with them about their values and vision for the company, I worked with them to develop their brand identity and created a website that catered towards their business goals.


Visual Identity

The Nektek brand is bold, sleek and focuses on safety as their main message. Their visual identity features dark blue backgrounds with white text and teal highlights. Imagery depicts action sports in greyscale, some tinted blue which are also used as backgrounds. Lightly weighted typography was used for their text-heavy website, keeping it clean and readable.

Minimize injuries. Maximize game time.

Nektek logo on black and on image

Review of Nektek on the website from a soccer mom


Nektek wanted a website that would represent their company and its values, educate users about their product, and show users where they could purchase the product in-store. We focused the website more on the brand experience, rather than hard selling, which was received positively by the client and user testers.

Home page

Team page

Product page - Features

Store Locator

Final Thoughts

After working on this project, I learned that good user experience does not equal good brand experience. Nowadays, many websites use cookie-cutter templates to make things easy and straightforward for the user, but trade off uniqueness and brand recognition. By relying on templates, many websites, although usable, are not very memorable. By focusing on representing the brand, the user will be more inclined to remember their experience and become a customer.