Student Housing in Waterloo


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Document design regarding student housing issues in Waterloo


Graphic Designer


Over the past few years, the amount of student housing in Waterloo has rapidly increased, but, more often than not, the buildings are not fully constructed and ready for move-in by their promised dates, leaving hundreds of students homeless during school. Sarah Wiley, VP Education at the Federation of Students, has been working endlessly in an attempt to put a stop to this housing crisis. I compiled a collection of news articles regarding this issue and designed a booklet that demonstrates the amount of work that Sarah has done to raise awareness and protect the rights of students. The booklet was shown to government officials and politicians to demonstrate the seriousness of the matter.

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Design Process

The Federation of Students restricted the design to their branding guidelines, which consisted of the following color palette and typefaces. I wanted the layout of each spread to be slightly different from each other, while keeping consistent with the same design elements (yellow shapes/lines, greyscale pictures, quote boxes). Planning the layout took most of the time since some articles were longer than others, and, therefore, took up more space on the page. I split up the longer articles into shorter sections to ease reading for the viewer.

Color palette
Color Palette
General design format for titles
Title Format
General design format for quotes
Quote box


The booklet was designed and put together in InDesign.

Cover Page: Student Housing in Waterloo - A Federation of Students Advocacy Priority
Table of Contents
City of Waterloo Backs Student Concerns Over Housing
White and Yellow page spread
Back cover


The biggest challenge of this project was creating a layout for each spread that would fit all the necessary content without making the pages too full. I increased the page margins to utilize more whitespace, so that the text would be more readable. I also made use of the quote boxes to seperate long blocks of text. By spreading design elements from one page to the next, I was able to balance the weight of the graphic elements. Overall, the client was very pleased with the professionalism of the finished design.