UBIQ: Buyer's Guide




Document design for a wireless presentation startup


Freelance Graphic Designer


Ubiq is a platform for transferring any kind of content wirelessly between devices. It’s ideal for sharing presentations, videos, photos and files instantly from a mobile device to a larger screen, such as a smart TV, computer, tablet or laptop; or to easily move content from one device to another for people on the go. The Buyer's Guide is an information booklet shown to potential customers, highlighting the benefits of wireless presentations. I was able to transform a plain, boring document into a visually appealing piece that would ease reading for customers.



The original document was plain black text on white paper, which is not the best way to attract customers. Since the document is basically Ubiq's sales pitch to potential customers, I added visual elements to the piece to capture their attention and break up long bodies of text.



The graphics were created in Illustrator and the document was put together in InDesign.

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Final thoughts

I was able to transform the Buyer's Guide from a plain document into an engaging piece that could hold the reader's attention while informing them. This updated version not only enforces Ubiq's branding, but also creates a better experience for the user, making it more pleasant for them to read an otherwise boring document.