Packaging design for a veterinary medicine company


Freelance Graphic Designer


VetMedWear provides a catalog of patented post-operative dressings designed to protect dogs and cats from scratching, biting, or licking their wounds after surgery. It is a reliable and effective solution that meets the highest standards of veterinary medicine. I was hired to design the packaging for their products, which includes a front design and an instruction sheet for the back of the package.


Design Challenges

Being an international company, VetMedWear wanted to include both English and French on each of their instruction sheets. The challenge was to make sure that both languages were able to fit on one side, without making it cluttered or unreadable. By using a two-column layout, I ensured that both languages were equally represented, while cutting down the length of each line, making it easier for customers to read. It worked well for packages of different dimensions, while keeping the same layout. Size charts and diagrams were included to provide a visual aid for customers to determine the correct size for their pet.

Protective sleeve for forearm - front packaging design
Protective sleeve for forearm - instruction sheet
Oxygen mask - front packaging design
Oxygen mask - instruction sheet
Post-operative suit - front packaging design
Post-operative suit - instruction sheet